Welcome to the Meaning of Idioms WikiEdit

This wiki will provide definitions of idioms and examples of their use in dialogue. If anyone has any idioms that they want the meaning of to be displayed to the masses, feel free to add them. Even I have trouble with some idioms (d'you think I, the founder, am anything but human???). If you know the origin of an idiom, please feel free to put it up in order to enlighten everyone.You will be doing a public service.

If you have some nightmare idioms of your own, please let me know on the lovely forum I have set up for this pupose and I will put a definition up for you (i.e., I do requests, though obviously I am not the sole contributor).

You can also check out the blog so you can see what your intrepid wiki-founder is up to when not providing you with definitions of idioms. May have nothing to do with idioms.

I hope the definitions will prove useful!

About the WikiEdit

Idioms can be annoying at times. Sometimes someone will say a phrase and whichever way you look at what's said or written, what's said is as clear as mud (ha - got one idiom in already). The Meaning of Idioms Wiki aims to defog these turn-of-phrase related problems in a direct manner and uses of these idioms in daily life.

Hopefully it should also be amusing.

If you want to learn about why I bothered setting up a wiki in the first place, look no further!

Latest activityEdit

So you lovely people know what's being done to the wiki to make it AWESOME.

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