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  • Theplait

    I got an epic run on Pinball yesterday, coming one target within breaking my personal best. Alas, it was not to be. You'll just have to imagine the face I pulled.

    No, sadly, I have NO ANSWER on the idiom regarding dogs belonging to meat sellers, which is frustrating, as you can imagine, so I'll just have to wait until someone has mercy on me.

    Oh, and for those wondering about the number - it's 7 at the moment. And 17. Both are bugging me, but I think 17 is bugging me more than 7. Don't know why.

    The weather ace, by the way. The sun is out, the skies are blue...which may explain why I'm not getting very far with idioms!

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  • Theplait

    After the last entry being blamed, by me, for fate tempting, I am going to have to tell you right now that I do not intend to tempt fate any further. That entry should've stayed in my head and for this I'm sorry.

    After all, I'm human, and fallible.

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  • Theplait

    Nearly two weeks ago, I was feeling fairly smug because I'd just nailed the pronunciation of 'Zverev'. I'm sure an umpire out there was busy nailing that pronunciation, as he had to umpire a match involving a Mr Zverev, but his work was in vain as said Mr Z did not win one single game.

    (Cue sympathetic noises)

    So now I have managed to nail the pronunciation of 'Stakhovsky' (had to look up the spelling)...yeah, I'll let you know how many games he wins.

    Addendum: I am a bit cross with Mr Stakhovsky, as he has just kindly sabotaged a world record attempt. I'm not happy about this, mainly because I like world record attempts. Grrr.

    Still, he's doomed, because SOMETHING must get to him. The Curse. Something. Anything. Whatever.

    I get in bad moods af…

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  • Theplait

    So, guess what...Wimbledon starts today and I have one tip: DON'T ASK ME WHO'LL WIN. Not until the finals at the earliest.

    It's not because I have dodgy form. It's just because ten years ago ( really is 10 years ago), I wrongly predicted an Aussie would win Men's Singles. To be fair on me, he had made the final and seemed to be in good form. And I knew nothing about his opponent, name, nationality and seeding included, who obviously was in good form because he ended up winning. And I was 10 at the time.

    Only when the Australian ended up FIVE MATCH POINTS DOWN did I think things were getting a little dicey.

    He then hit match point #3 into the net, terminating the match. Whoopsy.

    For those of you who are wondering about the opponent (whose…

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  • Theplait


    June 23, 2013 by Theplait

    OK, so this is my second blog post today. I'm clearly getting excited. But no! This is not so! It is to say hello and thank you to Greyfur and Blugo34, who have kindly contributed to the wiki!

    So now you know that if you contribute, you won't be the first to do so. And I will give you a lovely shoutout on this blog to boot. :)

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